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If you thought that Tuesday nights win over the Carolina Hurricanes, would continue on a winning note for the Toronto Maple Leafs, don't count on it. Sure, they play a great game tonight but that doesn't mean that they will continue down this path.

Lets face it, the Leafs are an abysmal hockey team these days. The Leafs have pulled off wins in 3 games out of the last 14.

The unfortunate thing about this win tonight was that followers of the Leafs will have to wait longer for any "big" changes to happen. It seems like every game they lose, we hear reports all night after the game that there will be a firing or a major change to the operations to the hockey club after the game. If the Leafs were to lose this game tonight then i would say that there would have been a greater chance of anything to happen, more considerations and ridiculous rumors that is. This is because MLSE is full of poop. Why do I think that? Because they make people think that they are going to make major changes to improve the hockey department, but the true is. They are not going to because they like the feeling of feeling powering over and control every little move of an organization, and this can not stay the same if they are serious about winning.

So the answer to the question is "Do the Leafs need a change?" This answer falls nothing short of an overwhelming yes! I think that if they make these changes a huge impact of the hockey club they need to change the culture of the hockey club. What I mean by that is, they need to detonate everything from top to bottom. This includes blowing the whole team up and starting from scratch, coaching staff (even though i am a huge Paul Maurice fan), front office, and yes MLSE employees that have specific relations to the team.

And still as I sit hear and write this blog, they are still not doing anything. They still have the same team as they started with on October 3rd. But lets face it. If they haven't done the smallest thing yet, this will never happen.

It just make it seem like they are afraid to make the smallest but necessary changes to help this team.
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