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Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you might know that the Leafs are in the process of finding a new general manager to replace John Ferguson. Today we learned that the bright minds and the very skilled researchers of our friends MLSE, found that the Cliff Fletcher was still under contract with the Phoenix Coyotes. Even though they fired him back in April, this would have been th... Read More »

Leafs pull off unfortunate win.

Posted January 16, 2008
If you thought that Tuesday nights win over the Carolina Hurricanes, would continue on a winning note for the Toronto Maple Leafs, don't count on it. Sure, they play a great game tonight but that doesn't mean that they will continue down this path. Lets face it, the Leafs are an abysmal hockey team these days. The Leafs have pulled off wins in 3 games out of the last 14. The unfortunate thi... Read More »
After watching a very emotional Paul Maurice breakdown into tears during his post game news conference on Saturday night after a 3-2 loss in San Jose, we would all start to think that MLSE would give both Paul and John Ferguson the way out so they wouldn't have to deal with this mess anymore. Well, guess again. Maurice and Ferguson both still have their jobs (as of now). At about 6:30 this eve... Read More »