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"Toronto Maple Leafs"
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The situation in Leaf's Nation is very interesting. The Rumour of the Toronto Maple Leafs perhaps trading captin Mats Sundin brings butterflies to every Leaf fan in Toronto. The trade was suggested by hockey expert Bob Mckenzie. The trade would be a 3 way deal. The teams involved would perhaps involve the Calgary Flames, the Montreal Canadiens and of course our very own Toronto Maple Leafs. The trade would start with the habs trading either Christopher Higgins or Michael Ryder to Calgary in exchange for Alex Tanguay to clear up the cap room for the Flames. Then the flames would turn around and deal Higgins or Ryder to the Leafs for captin Mats Sundin. Now the question going through my mind as a young Leaf lover is who is going to step up for the job of captin. Well a simple answer came to my mind.... Bryan McCabe the vetran leaf who has worn an A in toronto for many years. So next question .. Who is going to fill the Big shoes of Captin Mats Sundin who is The best player on the leafs so far. Well good things come to people that wait. Why finish in 9th and just miss the playoffs and get a bad draft pick when you can finish closer to the end and get some good draft picks. Sundin is gone, lets say Higgins shows up think about it. Well get a draft pick and put him with Tucker and Ponivkarovsky on a line. On the first line, we can put Jason Blake and Nik Antropov with Mark Bell. Its not all over for the leafs if the trade goes through.. Stay Strong Leafs fans!!
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