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"Toronto Maple Leafs"
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Okay first of all get rid of Sundin I love him at heart and stuff but uh... we havent won a cup in over 40 years hello?? 2nd of all try to get someone like Mat Carle or Steve Bernier a franchise player who can step up... We need someone who can fill the shoes. step up take an A and put points on the board my suggestion Patrick Marleau and Steve Bernier for Antropov and Sundin.. Why-- well Sundin wants to win a cup -(San Jose is a cup contender) - also Steve Bernier is young let him develop as a leaf with marleau and Presto -- 2 years later... Jason Blake-Patrick Marleau- Steve Bernier-Draft Picks- and so on thats just for Sundin and Antropov, lets take time to rebuild and become a winning franchise
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