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In an effort to answer that, I found the best thing to do is not to try at all. It IS for all intents and purposes probably the most frustrating season in recent memory. Here's the facts- you have a world-class netminder, 2 sure fire hall of famers up front(jags and shanny), 2 very good/execellent centers (dru and gomer) the biggest pest in the league (avery), the total pro (straka), and a collection of young and hungry guys at forward and def, not to mention 2 rising stars in Dubinsky and Staal.

Rather than try and predict which team will show up to play, I will predict a few senarios that will play out on broadway between now and playoff time.

#1 The NYR wake up from their sleep and surge ahead possibly winning the Atlantic with Jags and Drury having monster stretch runs, and going deep in the playoffs (dare I say the Cup Final)

#2. They continue to play jekyl and hyde, barely edging out Washington, Boston or Atlanta for the 8th seed. Maybe they win a round or 2 behind some stellar play by Henrik, Drury and Gomez but in the end fall short.

#3 They simply fall out of contention and fade into oblivion like some many NYR teams of the past

#4. The front office has seen enough of Jagrs tired act, trade him and in return get guys who can be effective down the stretch, fire Renney, Hire Bob Hartley and Go on to win the Stanley Cup................I like this on the best, but realistically it will probably be more along the lines of #2!
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oh word
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Dude If your gonna stick with a youth movement then Why the hell would you fire Renny. Bob Hartley , come on the guy was kicked out of ATL ! Renny has done wonders in youth development. Hank is on his way , but Valley a world class goalie! I agree letting go of Jagr just may have to be
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TOTALLY agree with carmess11! I am sick and tired of STUPID Ranger fans callng for the team to fire Renney!!!! These are the same fans that wanted Coughlin fired from the Giants during week 3, and are now showering him with their love! #1 REnney was the one who got this team back to respectability (along with Slats, whom many also want fired), 2 Look at all the young players that are playing great under Tom Renney (Duby, Staal, Dawes, ect.). The future of this team is NOT in Jagr, Straka, Shanny, but in those young guys along with Henrik, Gomer, Dru, Toots, and Girardi!!! I agree that this year has been frustrating as hell, but perhaps we should adopt the mentality that this is NOT our year, and continue with rebuilding. Perhaps people forgot but we are still rebuilding this team, and that process was started only 3 years ago. It does not happen over night. We do have many young assets. Instead of trading them for someone like BLAKE, lets wait till Sanguinetti has a chance to become the next LEETCH (or at least similar to him) and build this team around young guys!!So leave Renney alone, understand that this is most likely NOT our year, and let Slats do his thing and build this team for the future!
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