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As Blair Betts lay on the ice yesterday afternoon, again the Gary Bettman Gestapo neglected to make a legit call in favor of the Rangers. It's become, predictable that the officials will miss a Capital crosscheck to the back of Avery. They failed blatantly in game 4 to rescue themselves as Callahan hit the ice with a trip and 18,000 fans managed to witness the crime. But having a chance to red... Read More »


Posted January 29, 2009
I knew some club would find value in Dan Fritsche. Minnesota general manager Doug Risebrough seemed to find some,recognizing Dans versatillity. The Rangers get back Eric Reitz a 26 year old D- Man from Michigan. With one goal in 31 games in Minnesota the Rangers will have depth on the blue line. The question is are the Rangers not yet ready to promote Hartford kids Corey Potter and Bobby San... Read More »
With the lack of flexibility in the lineup and the Rangers strong need to carry a 7th D-man, Dan Fritsche was placed on waivers. I'm almost positive that a team will claim him and his salary of 875 k isn't a back breaker. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the Island as Mike Sillinger is done for the year. Dan would get tons of ice time and can play both wing and center,giving Isles coach... Read More »
So the Rangers lose in Pittsburgh, and all you have to do is ask every other team what they think of the officiating when you play SID. It's almost predictable what happens ( sure the pens had some jump) the Pens get the first few spotted. Then when they have a few on the board the Rangers can have a turn . I hate these NBC Games and anything on VS involving NY. It's just 2 1/2 hours of pro... Read More »
Renny needs to let out the hot air or before long, he'll float away. After telling the media and the world that he would start benching important players and standing his ground,he send Corey Potter and his bruising size to Hartford again!. His promises are becoming empty,it's like a kid crashing the car into the garage and still being able to go to the party. What made Tom Renny was his commi... Read More »