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Kicking motion?

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Well, after yesterday's post and the absolute fiasco it turned into, I'm going to take my chances again with a reaction to an in-progress game. Ottawa-Pittsburgh, game 4. And Ottawa isn't getting much help from the refs. I try not to blame officiating for the outcome of games, but given the number of missed calls, I can understand the displeasure of the Ottawa fans. Maybe the telecast just isn't picking up the audio well enough, but it sounded like boos to me, and not obscenities being chanted. And I'd really like to see the NHL make a rule clarification that involves some common sense. That should be a goal. As the rules stand it's not. Not only was Vermette trying to kick it to his stick and not directly in, but he never got a chance to get his stick on the puck as he was chopped down. I don't want to allow all goals no matter how they go in; I think having skate blades kicking all around the crease is too big a danger and just not necessary. (Insert "hockey is a barbaric/neanderthal/tough sport" comment here.) What seems obvious to many people should be obvious to the refs and replay officials. Here's hoping.
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January 20, 2020 7:18 AM ET | Delete
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