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Boarding, Majors, Suspensions, Etc.

Posted April 27, 2011
I have no idea what the NHL is doing. Or not doing. It's basically a coin flip on and off the ice to determine penalties and suspensions. Stoll gets a game suspension for a hit from behind on White. Ok, I agree with that. Mike Richards buries Connolly and only gets a two minute boarding and no suspension. Lucic gets 5, 10, and a game for a stupid move by Spacek? He's dumping the puck in fac... Read More »

Hockey in the Summer

Posted July 17, 2008
I've been checking this site on occasion this off season. Lately I've been thinking: What ever happened to seasonal sports? I love hockey. I'm 30 and have been playing hockey since I was a Mite. But the summer was for baseball. I can't think of a sport that my buddies and I didn't or don't play. And being interested in numerous sports, I watch what I have time for, and follow them as best I... Read More »

The NHL is a Joke

Posted April 22, 2008
I must have missed that other mid-playoff presser the NHL held changing the rules. You know, the one where thy told the refs to not call interference. This Caps-Flyers game 7 is a joke. It's one thing to let the players decide the outcome of the game. It's another to let guys start plowing opponents into their goaltender and check guys without the puck. Someone let me know when they find refs... Read More »

Kicking motion?

Posted April 16, 2008
Well, after yesterday's post and the absolute fiasco it turned into, I'm going to take my chances again with a reaction to an in-progress game. Ottawa-Pittsburgh, game 4. And Ottawa isn't getting much help from the refs. I try not to blame officiating for the outcome of games, but given the number of missed calls, I can understand the displeasure of the Ottawa fans. Maybe the telecast just isn... Read More »

Classless Philly

Posted April 15, 2008
You can usually count on one or the other, but tonight we've been treated to both. Classless Flyer players and fans. Not only have the Flyers decided to run Huet every chance they get, but the fans are at their best with a loud and clear @sshole chant. Even Briere has decided to scum it up. And you wonder why Philadelphia sports fans have a reputation. It's hard to respect a franchise like tha... Read More »

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