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Looking at the recent extensions in Chicago, this this make the rumored deals involving Sopel of Sharp coming to the Leafs that much more possible? I wouldn't rule either out. Even though the Leafs are looking better as of late, a lot can still be done to make this team look a lot better, and Sharp is a great place to start. Question is who would the leafs need to give up in order to get a payer like sharp in return?

More bad news this season. Gustavsson is scheduled to have another surgery to repair his irregular heartbeat. Is this going to be a constant problem, and if so, would it be a smarter decision for Gustavsson to pack his bags, and focus on his health for the time being? Should the Leafs, in anticipation of further difficulties start to search for another veteran back-up to help solidify the position? Will Joey Mac have what it takes to carry the Leafs this unfortunate string of injuries continues? This has been an interesting season so far to say the very least. Here's to hoping the season didn't end on Tuesday for Gustavsson.

Mark Messier has been working on a helmet he claims will make the game safer and prevent concussions. He has named his efforts toward better head protection "The Messier Project." The helmet, designed with the assistance of Cascade Sports, is putting strong focus on the ProFit system, which provides a snug, toque feel. The helmet can also be adjusted on the fly. Why it this helmet not on more players?

Check out the website, and the helmet, the M11.

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