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Hawks extensions and Leafland

Posted December 3, 2009
Looking at the recent extensions in Chicago, this this make the rumored deals involving Sopel of Sharp coming to the Leafs that much more possible? I wouldn't rule either out. Even though the Leafs are looking better as of late, a lot can still be done to make this team look a lot better, and Sharp is a great place to start. Question is who would the leafs need to give up in order to get a paye... Read More »

Hockey stories

Posted December 2, 2009
I have realized over the past few days I tend to be biased toward certain groups of players. With biased opinions being having a strong presence in any fan base, it does not surprise me that I tend to want these players to succeed more than others, even if the logo on their sweater dictates I should think otherwise. There are a few attributes that would make a fan appreciate a players success th... Read More »

Changes to come?

Posted December 1, 2009
With the latest Maple Leafs' loss the same question remains regarding the status of several players on the roster. Brian Burke promised changes, and while the roster has seen a major overhaul, and the future does look brighter, one has to still find themselves asking if this is where the changes should end for this season. The Leafs have managed to crawl out of last place, and while this is noth... Read More »

Love Hurts

Posted November 23, 2009
With the recent struggles of the Toronto Maple Leafs, many fans are wondering what is happening to this once proud franchise. Leafs’ fans often claim to be the most faithful fans in the sport, and while this may be true, is it really what the team needs? Fans are present at every game; no matter what city the team is playing in there will often be at least on fan in attendance wearing the famo... Read More »

A season lost?

Posted November 21, 2009
As leafs fans we find ourselves asking this question far too much as of late. Truth is, yes the team is struggling, and yes, the season may be lost. But would it not be sensible to suggest there might be more to gain from a season many are claiming to be over for the Leafs? One of the biggest issues this season has to be the acquisition of Phil Kessel. Why have fans given up on this player?... Read More »


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