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Is it October Yet?

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Hey. HEY! Wake up! I SAID WAKE UP!!

What the hell is going on these days? A whole lot of nothing, that’s what. We’d love to post about trades, free agent signings, jersey unveilings and the like, but it’s just not happening! Christ, even the NHL’s website’s most recent topic is how they’re investigating loophole contracts. You know times are tough when the NHL is practically insulting themselves on their own site. It really is mind- boggling when you stop and think about it. Kovalchuk is still a UFA(one way or another), Kaberle is staying put(barring a minor miracle), and the most significant trades/FA signings happened 49 days ago. What’s a blogger to do? Well, this is the time when we have to think of stuff to talk about. But don’t fret, I’ve thought of something.

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