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Hey there, stranger. Long time no see. Yes, we’ve been M.I.A. for quite a while. Mike, Trevor and I have been busy with life, so we haven’t been able to keep this blog as updated as we would like. However, on my day off, I’m going to give my prediction for the Buffalo Sabres this year. Hopefully, they see this post and decide to contribute their own predictions as well! Continue readin... Read More »

Should Buffalo Have an AHL Franchise?

Posted August 26, 2010
[img]http://www.portlandpirates.com/photos/news/Pirates-logo-on-black.gif[/img] As the season draws near for us crazy Sabres fans, we tend to forget that another season of Pirates hockey is about to unfold as well. Then again, can you blame someone for forgetting about a farm team in Portland, Maine(apologies to all our Portland, Maine visitors)? It was this question that got me wondering earlier... Read More »

New Sabres Jersey Speculation

Posted August 22, 2010
When news broke out that the Sabres would be unveiling a new alternate jersey this upcoming season, it left fans wondering what could be the next marketing scheme that Golisano and company had in store for us. We’ve seen our share of new jerseys in the past. From what I can gather, the goat head was generally accepted. “The Slug”, although ranked at the top in sales on NHL.com for quite some... Read More »

Is it October Yet?

Posted August 19, 2010
Hey. HEY! Wake up! I SAID WAKE UP!! What the hell is going on these days? A whole lot of nothing, that’s what. We’d love to post about trades, free agent signings, jersey unveilings and the like, but it’s just not happening! Christ, even the NHL’s website’s most recent topic is how they’re investigating loophole contracts. You know times are tough when the NHL is practically insulti... Read More »
[img]http://ryannellis.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/nhllogowallpapers.jpg[/img] Instead of annoying board-posters, I will now post my own hockeybuzz blogs. If you'd like to catch up on what we've been talking about over at sabretake, you can visit us at http://sabretake.com Now, onto our latest article: Now that our “Down the Road” segment is out of its misery(Although a Shaouene Moarr... Read More »


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The Sabres/Rangers Drury goal/Maxim OT winner.

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