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Greetings Hockey Fans,

TSN is reporting Ethan Moreau fractured his tibia at the end of the game versus the Avalanche on Sunday night and will miss the rest of the season. The season of injury woes goes from uncanny to brutal. Well, Brian Burke and Duck fans probably find it hilariously entertaining, but I had to quit worrying about that after Horcoff went down in an All Star game or my doctor said I was going to give myself an ulcer. Speaking of which, if Pisani had not come back as quick as he did we may not have ever been ahead of the goalie impaired LA Kings. Granted Pisani has not been great since his return but he has been a consistant third line defensive presence and chipped in a goal here and there.

I suppose Sanderson will draw into the line up against Detroit if he is still around by the end of the day. However, the Oilers could move out UFAs Reasoner and Sanderson, not exactly sure if they can get anything of substance for them, but I am sure Lowe will at least be trying to pry a pick or a Grebeshkov/Gilbert (hopefully a Gilbert but a forward) out of someone for Reasoner and give Marty a chance to play some playoff hockey since he missed out on Edmonton's run. He's been a good soldier for MacT and Lowe, so he deserves some reward.

If the Oilers throw the UFAs overboard and realistically look at this season as a developmental one, we should see Schremp and Pouliot up with the big club to end the season. Doesn't mean they will be here next year as Horcoff, Torres and Moreau will be an entire line of forwards coming back from injuries. Sidenote on Moreau; I hate to think of him this way, but we may not be able to count on him for a full season ever again. That may open up two spots if they do not bring back Marty, but I think we all believe he enjoys it in Edmonton and the Oilers like having him around.

Would you like to see the young guys for the last 20 Games of the season or would you like to see the Oilers retain their UFAs and just try to keep their heads above water, finishing the season on a better note than last year?

I am torn and not sure how to feel, only because of the Penner picks or else I would be very happy to see what the system has and enjoy watching the kids try their best to earn jobs for next year. But it may not matter as Oilers continue to drop like flies, we may have the whole farm team up here. This has been a long season and I am looking forward to a fresh start next year.

Sidenote: Glencross has been a good fit on the team (good move by Lowe parlaying the unused Tarnstrom for a very functional forward) and takes a little sting out of losing Moreau and his grit. No one on the farm or Sanderson will be able to replace that. We would be way too soft if Stortini was left on his own to create energy and grit every night.

Then again, I have been wrong before.
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