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Oiler Questions

Posted 7:48 PM ET | Comments 2
Greeting Hockey Fans,

So Oil Country I have some questions for you in regards to this team. I hope to get some response, as I am curious for other opinions on some issues I have heard being discussed. So here's a couple questions with a few talking points for your enjoyment or displeasure.

1. If he was available, would waive his NTC, and could be had for a reasonable trade (Im not going to tell you what you think is reasonable) would you like to see Brad Richards and his 7.8 mil contract here until the 2010/11 season?

Positives: Brad Richards brings a Conn Smythe Trophy and is a solid offensive and defensive center. If you could keep Horcoff this would set up our top two lines to be reliable and potent. Richards had a tonne of success with big and strong Modin and could find the same success with big and strong Penner. Signed long term, only 27 so just entering his prime years.

Negatives: Giving up youth. 7.8 cap hit. More than Iginla with less offensive upside and ability to throw team on his back and carry it as demonstrated in Tampa. Oilers already up against cap so tough decisions would have to be made.

2. I read on nhlscap.com that if Glencross does not play 71 games this year he becomes a UFA. Does anyone know if this is true? By my calculations he cannot do this. If this is true, did Howson just slip one by KLowe?

3. Should the Oilers move Steve Staios?

Pos: Might be our only asset to bring a good return of young player and/or pick at trade deadline.

Neg: Do we really want to get rid of one of the few players in the league who seems to want to play in Edmonton and does try every night, even if some nights are struggles when he plays too much?

Well, hopefully someone has answers and I am looking forward to hearing any thoughts/ideas.

Sidenotes: Congratulations Darryl Katz, start offering detroits scouts some big money. Thank you EIG for saving my team and giving so much to not just Edmonton but northern Alberta and so many other rural western Canadian places.
February 8, 2008 5:56 PM ET | Delete
That Cap hit is just way to much. The Oilers need a goal scorer that can make things happen on his own. A Malkin-Ovechkin type of guy. Lecavelier would be good but it's doubtful that they could get him. The Oilers need their young players to stepup and give them secondary scoring. Richards is just not worth the 7.8 million. Thats a huge cap hit. The oilers are right at the end of the cap so they would have to get rid of alot of players to make that happen.
February 9, 2008 12:40 AM ET | Delete
Not interested in Richards for that money. No, I wouldn't move Staios, we need some veteran leadership and he is a warrior. About Glencross, you are assuming that K-Lowe wants him to stick around after this season. Maybe it was just a salary dump of Tarnstrom and Howson needed to lose a player in order to make room for him?
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