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Hello all and welcome to my second blog ever. Like i said in my first blog Im not the greatest writer so if it sucks please bear with me. Im open to suggestion and comments of all kinds.

Now to my blog, the Edmonton Oilers have done a bit of work this off season but they could have done alot more. Lets take a look at what the Oilers have done so far.

First off they signed: D,Justin Shultz, F,Nail Yakupov, F, Sam Gagner, F,Taylor Hall, F Ryan Smyth. In all reality thats all they did. Did it improve the team?... for the long run yea for the short term not so much. But who knows Yakupov and Shultz just might storn in to the league in the same fasion as Ryan Nuggent-Hopkins. Its yet to be seen.

I think the Oilers will finish 19th overall with eberle getting 85 points, RNH 78 points, Hall 68 points and yakupov 56 points. Justin shultz will play his heart out but only be a 5/6 pairing guy if not sent to the AHL. Overall I dont see there being much upside next season (if there even is one) but in 3 or 4 years the cup will be back where it belongs in the City Of Champions!!

So in conclusion i give the Oilers a 6.5 out of ten or a "C" grade. Not the greatest but not the worst just average.

From Thunder Bay thank you for reading and enjoy your night/day/morning whenever your reading this!

ps. What did the women say to Micheal Jackson on the beach?

.... "HEY!! Get out of my son"
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