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"For The Love Of The Game"
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I was having a look at the recent list of Norris trophy winners and I realized something (other than the fact new Lidstrom plaques are going to replace old ones soon). Why are there no defensive d-men? How come the men that step in front of 100 mph shots, move people out of the net, and in general go above and beyond their job, while managing to keep themselves out of the spotlight, don't get the Norris?

If you don't know who I'm talking about, then they're doing their job.

Where would Ottawa be without Anton Volchenkov? Where would Toronto be (no I'm not using that as an insult) without Tomas Kaberle? If Scottie was still out of the picture, who would Anaheim turn their defensive defense (notice I said DEFENSIVE, not offensive, big named players that wear the "C" ) reins to without Francois Beauchemin?

Up and down every roster, every team has their go-to man, the man they can depend to take a hit, take a shot, and take an opportunity away. Believe me, this man is not having his jersey sold at the local pro shop, or getting his name printed in bold headlines in the paper. No 4 assist nights for this man. No minus 4 nights for this man either.

So I have came to the conclusion that the N.H.L. should do one of two things.

1. Open their perspective to "best" d-man

2. Create new awards for best offensive and defensive d-man.

If you don't agree then you don't respect these brave men, and don't understand the concept of a good defenceman.

For The Love Of The Game,

Steven Auld

P.S. after reading some of the below comments, I concur that Norris should be to best all around. But who thinks there should be a separate award?
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February 29, 2008 10:54 AM ET | Delete
youre definitly right about everything you said about ''where would these teams be without their defensive d-man'' but youre not looking at the fact that the norris winners and the norris runners-up are both .nick lidstrom has more points than any d-man but he also leads the league in plus minus and he plays in both defensive and offensive situations the same goes for chris pronger.these are the two best d-man in the world.but still LIDSTROMS BETTER!!!!!
February 29, 2008 12:29 PM ET | Delete
Kaberle (although he has been a minus player since the lock out; granted on a bad team) and volchenkov are great players, they just arent of the all around quality of neids, pronger or even phaneuf. Lidstrom is in a league of his own, defensively and offensively no one can touch the guy. The real questin should be, when is Lidstrom going to get some recognition for the Hart?
February 29, 2008 8:37 PM ET | Delete
I use to make that same arguement when Stevens was still playing, they should rename the Norris, to the Stevens trophy.
March 1, 2008 12:41 AM ET | Delete
You're absolutely right on the fact that they need two defensive awards.If forwards can have the Richard, the Art Ross, and the Selke, why can't the D-men have at three awards?One for the best offensive D-man, one for the best defensive D-man, one of the best all-around D-man.
March 1, 2008 5:19 PM ET | Delete
"If forwards can have the Richard, the Art Ross, and the Selke, why can't the D-men have at three awards?" Acekicker123Defenseman are able to win the Richard and Art Ross trophies, they are just highly unlikely. I disagree with having a best offensive and a best defensive D-man trophy. The Norris goes to the best D-man, overall. A defenseman who gets 100 points a season but is minus 60 for the year isnt going to win the Norris. Volchenkov and Kaberle have nothing on Lidstrom or pronger. Not even close.
March 1, 2008 10:59 PM ET | Delete
If Lidstrom doesn't get injured, I would say he was in the running for the Hart trophy, and easily the Norris. And yes I am biased.
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