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I wrote this blog in the beginning of this year, and I got bashed for it.It turns out I was right on almost everything.Please read this ,and let me know how wrong or right I was. 08 should be a piece of cake for wings...until the playoffs. Posted 12:37 PM ET | Comments 13 | Edit | Delete The season of '08 is looking great for the Wings as of now.Last ye... Read More »
hasek-the wings payed him a salary for what he did last year not taking into account that hes no chelios and hes 42.hes finished ,maybe a couple games left in him. OZZIE-the man who should be starting on a regular basis is 9-1 and the 2nd best gaa average in the league{not counting sundays 5-4 win against cbj}.OZZIE is a great goalie SO START HIM. if they both start to slow down as the year... Read More »

Race Through CyberSpace

Posted September 7, 2007
[b]Please dont put on front page[/b] Youre nearing the end, this clue is the last time is running out so think quickly and fast it is what i am and includes so many others All of us in New York are together like brothers ___ ___ ___ ___.blogspot.com Read More »
The season of 08 is looking great for the wings as of now.last year the wings came tied for first with buffalo{buf had more wins} in points and the only divisionmate who even contended with them was the predators.i mean, lets face it chicago, the hawks suck and the same goes for the bluejackets.the blues are really on the right track but at most they'll contend for a playoff spot especially with t... Read More »

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mikka kipperusoff,

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the year of 02

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steve yzerman as in a defensive minded yet skilled offenseman

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