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A quote from the piece:

It's believed the Flyers would like to add a more defensive minded forward to their mix, a player capable of shutting down the oppositions offensive threats. Carter could be the bait to get just such a player.

Someone please tell me this is wrong. For some time, the Flyers have needed more players that can finish. Natural goal scorers, who have a nose for the back of the net.

Finally, we have Gagne, Upshall, Carter, and Lupul - enough weapons to sustain the team in case of the inevitable injury or when the opponent effectively shuts down one, or even two offensive lines.

And we have enough defensive-minded forwards - Richards, Kapanen, Umberger, Dowd. Who needs Kesler (suggested as the return for Carter in the article) who evidently might cause problems in the room anyway?

I don't have anything against defensive-minded forwards - I just feel in the past couple of years we've had too many of them and not enough pure goal scorers.

I wouldn't do anything at all to the team right now. We're only 17 games in, chemistry is still building, the team is holding up well despite injuries to key players, the leadership is in place, the team leads the division, the Phantoms are doing great, Giroux is doing great... Homer should stand pat and see how it develops.

Someone please tell me Dreger's article is not even remotely based in fact.
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