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Full version of Daily News submission

Posted September 17, 2008
"At Syracuse, they teach quarterbacks to protect the ball deep in their own end zone!" Fifteen minutes into my run on the treadmill at the local gym, I was busy trash-talking Tony Romo. The Eagles were closing on the Cowboys in the second quarter of their Monday night game. Away from Philadelphia for twenty years, I now live in Seattle. This isn't really a sports town. In Philadelphia,... Read More »

Flyers: Carter is currently trade bait?

Posted November 15, 2007
[url]http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_tal...columnists/darren_dreger[/url] A quote from the piece: [quote]It's believed the Flyers would like to add a more defensive minded forward to their mix, a player capable of shutting down the oppositions offensive threats. Carter could be the bait to get just such a player.[/quote] Someone please tell me this is wrong. For some time, the Flyers have needed mo... Read More »


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