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Healy blows the battle bag pipes for McCabe - then offers moments of Silence for Boyle?

After all the Habs and Sens and many other Leaf haters bashing "the way we are handling the McCabe situation" how about checking out how Management is treating other another Veteran "Professional" when he was no longer wanted. I wonder where Healy is now? Possibly too focused on his passion of negativity and Leaf bashing, and of course his new crusade "The P.A. will back Bryan to the grave, I guarantee it." ***BUT for other players that aren't a close friend I will offer negative comments to stir the pot and walk away!***

Interesting read below:

Dan Boyle vents his frustration.
Posted By Erik Erlendsson at Jul 04, 2008 at 07:17 PM
Updated Jul 04, 2008 at 09:19 PM

Guys, wanted to pass along a couple of comments from my conversation with Dan Boyle. Needless to say, he’s not happy with how the ownership group handled this situation.

Ill give you two quotes to get you thinking about what will be in the newspaper tomorrow.

I understand at the end of the day that it’s a business, this is a business. I understand that more than anybody. But there is a way to conduct business, and the way that my situation was handled was absolutely not the way to do it. I, for a long time now, have been under the impression that I was part of this team going forward, wanting input from me on other players, and never in a million years did I think that I was one of the guys that needed to go. Just a few days ago [media were told] that the rumors were a joke, Dan Boyle is going to play 25 minutes, hes not being traded, hes not going anywhere. They made it clear that we are not going to go after an offensive-defenseman [in free agency] because we have the best one in the league. Now, going back to business-is-business, when I find out from an absolutely ton of different sources that my [butt] has been on the trading block since I signed the extension, that to me, is not the way you do business. If [they] wanted to get rid of me, let me know. There is a way to do that, it’s been done in the past, just say that “Danny, it’s just not going to work’’ just let me know. And that’s just not the way its done. And that really pisses me off.’’

And one more to whet your appetite:

“It got to the point where once it probably a few days ago, when I was threatened, that they just didnt care and that my [butt] is going to end up on waivers and end up in Atlanta. That’s just not the way you do business. I don’t know if I have too much class or what *** So a NHLPA member has class - please Note McCabe***), because I don’t want to say exactly what was said, but when it gets personal like it did, the line was crossed. When my work ethic is questioned, my off-season work ethic and the way I get ready for games and what I do is questioned, and it gets personal, and Im threatened, that is absolutely the way not to do business. And I feel sad because I can’t say one thing bad, even with all the ups and downs and battles I had with [former coach John Tortorella], at the end of the day there was respect. In this case I was absolutely blindsided by this whole situation. I know what the response is, that things happen quickly, it’s a business, but that’s not the case when Im told one thing and I find out months later that the complete opposite went on behind my back.’’

UPDATE (More like a pathetic retort!)

In response to Boyles comments, here is what co-owners Len Barrie and Oren Koules had to say:

“I think one thing you ask around about my character or Orens, we are straight shooters and I’ve never been accused of being nothing but straight,’’ Barrie said. “Its too bad he feels that way, but if Wayne Gretzky can be traded then Dan Boyle can be traded.

“Dan has been a great player for Tampa Bay, and I played with Dan so that’s why Ive tried to stay out of it because I really like Dan as a person and as a player. But this was a decision we made to get younger and create some space to pay our forwards what we need to pay. And I think its going to be a great trade for both teams.’’

And this from Koules:

“Dan is very passionate about being a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning and that’s something that I will always respect about Dan.’’

My Final thoughts....It's sad when blatant Politics, Greed, and Power Struggles are on public display to further tarnish the Game we Love! At this point in time McCabe's issue should be handled professionally behind closed doors. This whole situation looks like a power struggle or a childish pissing contest. If the NHLPA was truly caring of its members couldn't the above statements from Boyle be reviewed? Also the PA should remind the Bag Piper that false information and the ridiculous rants NOW have legal implications. I still have hope that the Leafs don't have to resort to using loop holes and minimal playing time with McCabe and something can be worked out. If not then having people boo a Hockey player in a Leafs Sweater will be very ugly and counterproductive to rebuilding a fallen franchise.
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