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"Commercial Break in Progress"
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Healy blows the battle bag pipes for McCabe - then offers moments of Silence for Boyle? After all the Habs and Sens and many other Leaf haters bashing "the way we are handling the McCabe situation" how about checking out how Management is treating other another Veteran "Professional" when he was no longer wanted. I wonder where Healy is now? Possibly too focused on his passion of negativity and... Read More »

The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Number 13?

Posted September 16, 2007
Ever see the movie The Number 23? If you haven't it's about a guy that's obsessed with the number 23. After watching/reading anything I could get my hands on about the Leafs upcoming season I noticed the number [b]13[/b] coming up a lot. Check it out: The Leafs opened training camp on Thursday, September [b]13[/b]th. That day they unveiled their new Reebok Jerseys ([b]13[/b] letters). The Leaf... Read More »


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