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"Flyers and Hawks"
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I'm going to take a more straightfoward and simplistic approach to my reaction from last night's Hawks' victory over a mostly AHL roster of Red Wings players. Ultimately, because Chicago came away with a win, there were obvious positives. The biggest questions from last night surround Patrick Kane's effectiveness at Center and the defensive breakdowns that led to three Red Wings goals by some AHL, albeit talented, forwards.

Click here to read more on my wrap up from last night's Hawks' game vs. Red Wings:


Hawk, Hawk, Hawk it up!

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-Matt Cefalu
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October 2, 2011 10:51 AM ET | Delete
I am very concerned over the cancer Ray Emery has brought to EVERY team he has been a part of in the past. He has proven to be trouble. He is not a team player. He is a 'me me me' player who has destroyed team chemistry in other cities he has played in. The Hawks have good chemistry now and I would rather have an unseasoned rookie than a proven nightmare. Certainly there were other opportunities to secure a one year back up?I hope Q gave this top consideration.Garn
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