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"Flyers and Hawks"
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So as it turns out, Martin Biron was indeed able to find a home before the end of the off season.....

Unfortunately, he found his home with one of the worst clubs in the NHL...

Yes, the Islanders are in the middle of a "rebuilding phase," but I, for one, am having a tough time trying to reason the signing of a THIRD veteran goaltender to a team that has less than adequate defense and not much scoring power.

Sure, Snow maybe be thinking he can deal either DiPietro, Roloson or even Biron for a defenseman or some forwards, but it seems like a very strange method of trade planning.

Snow was even quoted as saying, "Adding Marty gives us three bona-fide number one goalies,"

So what? Now the Islanders have a goalie for each period? Yes, I realize that only two can be dressed for a game, just chill out there. My point is that I see no logic in this signing at all other than a precaution for the inevitability that DiPietro and Roloson will both be injured for the entire duration of their contracts.

As it stands right now, the Islanders only have about 6 mill tied up in goaltending with Roloson and Dipietro, so I wonder what the terms of Marty's deal are and whether it brings that total between 8 and 10 mill, not that the Islanders have any sort of cap crunch on their hands...

I am also fully aware that DiPietro only played 5 games this past season due to injuries. Signing Biron can certainly be considered a security measure for the injury plagued DiPietro. However, DiPietro is probable for that start of training camp. It's a bit of a stretch, and I realize that the contract is only one year for 1.4 mill, which totals the Islanders goalie investment to about 7.5 mill, but it just seems silly to me.

I also am unsure of a 3.6 mill investment in first round pick John Tavares, regardless of how stellar he performed in juniors.

It all just seems a little backwards to me...

It's very possible that this move ends up working to the Islanders favor. Though I'm sure Islander fans were pushing for ANYTHING but another goaltender....no dice...

Constructive criticism and thoughts much appreciated.

Signing off,

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