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"More Cannon!"
Toronto just didn't appeal to me as much as Columbus. - CBJ Captain Rick Nash, OH • 41 Years Old • Female
The Blue Jackets are transitioning into a new team - we have a new captain, a capable coach with a plan, a GM that is willing to shake things up, a Civil War-era cannon that commemorates the Blue Jackets' connection to Ohio's role in the Civil War. GREAT!!! So why stop there? Why be happy to remain mediocre?

Here is what I think (and I will disclose that some of these topics have been discussed at length on the Columbus Dispatch's CBJ blog):

1-a) KILL MACHINEHEAD!! I have nothing against Bush (the group - not the president... I have many things against the president, but there is not enough space on the entire internet to explain those), and I actually liked the song Machinehead - in 1994, when I first heard it. For some reason, the "higher ups" in the Blue Jackets organization think that this song is ideal to pump up the crowd when the team takes the ice. Umm, sure. Why not play All-4-One's "I Swear" instead? It also was a big hit of 1994. Let's continue to turn off the few loyal fans that actually DO still attend games. Nice.

1-b) Let's hire a local Central Ohio punk band to do a remake of a Civil War-era song that can be played as the team takes the ice. Imagine The Bloody Irish Boys (a Central Ohio punk band) doing a remake of Battle Hymn of the Republic or Battle Cry of Freedom! Get on this, "Front Office"!

2-a) How about giving certain players their own theme song? For instance, each and every time Jared Boll beats the snot out of someone, let's play Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace - perfect! And quite appropriate, too.

2-b) While we are doing remakes, let's have a local girls' band redo Toni Basil's Mickey as Ricky for Rick Nash. He certainly does blow my mind!

3-a) Quality publicity... anyone? This past Tuesday (9/2/08), Kris Russell threw out the opening pitch at the Cincinnati Red's game, while Jarod Boll and Bill Davidge visited the broadcast booth during the game. Disgraceful! First, nobody knew that was going to happen... which may turn out to be a blessing given the sad "interview" by Jeff Brantley. Second, why in the world were those three there? These are the Blue Jacket's ambassadors? Oy!

3-b) This off-season is the first time that ANY Blue Jacket has been in a "mainstream" commercial promoting the CBJ. Rick Nash did a series of quite cute & humorous commercials with Time Warner. Let's get CBJ's FIRST draft pick Rusty Klesla in some! Let's get OSU's own RJ Umberger in some! Let's get NHL-shunned All-Star goalie Pascal Leclaire in some! Let's get Stanley Cup-winning Fredrik Modin in some! Throw in Jakub Voracek & Nikita Filatov, and those commercials could really cause some buzz in the hugely OSU-dominant Columbus market!

4) Get rid of the "Boys' Network" frame of mind in the front office! I have been a season ticket holder with the Blue Jackets since they arrived in Columbus. Year after year after year I am subjected to the push to mix pretty girls & hockey. Um, okay. Fine - everyone likes to look at pretty things. But have these "Boys' Network" people actually SEEN who is coming to the games? From my seat, all I see are middle-aged couples and young families. My guess is that 40% of the total attendance of the games are women. Why not try to market to us? They are missing a HUGE chunk of the market with antics that might have worked in the 1950s. Let's advance into the modern era of hockey, okay?

These are just a few of the many reasons why the Columbus Blue Jackets should hire me as the new Marketing Director. More reasons to come. :-)
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Don't stop there. When your list is complete, send a few of your best points to Mark Gregory with a request for an interview to share some of your other ideashttp://bluejackets.nhl.com/team/app?service=page
September 9, 2008 7:55 AM ET | Delete
Love the passion especially from a female fan. We don't have enough women on this site for sure. Love the idea for the new theme song. Make perfect sense to me. I also agree that a little more up front promotion of non-hockey events is needed. I am currently working with the CBJ to at least get my readers the info out sooner. In regards to the players picked to go to the Reds game, you have to go with what you got in town. All your big guns are out of town so you do the best you can. Any exposer is better than what we have been getting, especially in Cincy. Also understand your concern with the marching around of half dressed women at the game (not that it offends me) but with the addition of the Dew Crew Girls it has got a little out of hand. I think they are appealing to the women with the fat guy that dances :) Keep writing and don't be afraid to post on my stories! Always looking for a fresh opinions.
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