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"More Cannon!"
Toronto just didn't appeal to me as much as Columbus. - CBJ Captain Rick Nash, OH • 41 Years Old • Female

Points, Points Everywhere...

Posted December 11, 2008
If I were in charge, I would completely restructure the game scoring system! The game today is not conducive to allowing 3-point games - it is too fast, has too many skilled players, and allows too many goals to be scored. When positions 5 - 12 in conference standings are separated by just 2 or 3 points for several months, then the league needs to take a good look at the points system. #1 - [... Read More »
The Blue Jackets are transitioning into a new team - we have a new captain, a capable coach with a plan, a GM that is willing to shake things up, a Civil War-era cannon that commemorates the Blue Jackets' connection to Ohio's role in the Civil War. GREAT!!! So why stop there? Why be happy to remain mediocre? Here is what I think (and I will disclose that some of these topics have been discus... Read More »


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