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"The State of Hockey"
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What is it?

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What is it about this game that gives us all that warm, fuzzy my-favorite-player-just-scored-the-game-winner feeling? Or that cold, dark please-oh-please-let-us-come-back feeling? Really, that feeling you only get from hockey.

Like most of the hockey fans I know, I love this game. I mean love it. We sit around talking about stats, and the state of the game. Or whether the trap has a place in the game, or if fighting belongs. We talk about hockey like nothing else in the world exists.

Everyday, average sports nuts, right?

I'm fortunate enough to be able to talk to fans of many sports, all over the globe. (If it's not hockey, mostly I just listen). When their favorite team doesn't make the playoffs, they're already gearing up for the next sport. "My baseball team didn't win? Oh, well there should be some football coming up this weekend..."

But hockey is different. Just check out all the activity on this great site alone during the trade deadline. People take the day off of work. Not just for their own team, but to see what happens to everyone. The whole league matters.

Team loyalty is always there. But it doesn't turn people off when their team is out. Okay, so my team finished dead last, but I'm still glued to the playoffs. My favorite player isn't playing? I'm still watching! And now its the playoffs, so its REALLY worth watching.

That's the great thing about hockey fans. They're fans of the game. Here we are at the best time of the year. Rivalries ramping up, hits are bigger, goals are bigger, goalies are bigger. Now it's time for our game to shine. We'll happily tell the guy from the other team how bad they really are. But when it all comes down to it, I bet you'll find a Bruins guy will buy a Habs guy a beer, just so they don't have to watch baseball.
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Not too mention that hockey fans are also dedicated enough to go to a local rink to play a rec league game at 10:30pm on a weekday.Hockey is that important to us.
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