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My First Blog on HB

Posted 9:44 PM ET | Comments 4
After using hockeybuzz as a resource for hockey rumours and information for almost 5 months, I have finally decided to create my own blog, to discuss anything and everything primarily about the Toronto Maple Leafs.

To briefly introduce myself, I am a sixteen year old highschooler and live outside of Toronto, Canada. I play competitive hockey, and have always been a huge fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

With training camp less than a mere month away, it's time to begin thinking about predictions for the upcoming season. Unfortunately I believe that the roster is completely different if the leafs sign, or do not sign Mats Sundin. Although one player may not be able to make or break a season, the Leafs need their best all-around player to have any kind of chance of competing for a playoff spot, and to have any kind of credibility in the eyes of the other NHL organizations.

With Sundin in the lineup, I honestly believe the Leafs have a good chance of making the playoffs. If the team can avoid any major injuries to key parts like in the past, and the new signings (Finger, Frogren, Kulemin, Hagman...etc) can contribute with numbers superior to the ones put forward by former Leafs Tucker, Raycroft, Wellwood, and possibly McCabe, the team is in good shape. This is also counting on the fact that Vesa Toskala can continue to build on a stellar first season with the Blue & White, while players like Antropov, Stajan, Steen, Ponakarovski, and Blake can play their important part as offensive contributors.

Obviously there are many unknowns and question marks that surround this team, but for all of those who are betting on a last place finish for the Buds should think again. Don't jump off the bandwagon before the season has even begun!

Hopefully some of you have some feedback, I am interested to know what others think about the Leafs predicament.

Thanks for reading!

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August 14, 2008 3:44 PM ET | Delete
Booooo! You stink, how stupid are you. ***JUST KIDDING!*** Being this is your first blog on here I just want you to get used to some of the comments you will receive. Nice job though, hopefully for your sake the team will be better than last year. Although I don't want you good enough to beat us. Keep up the good work. - SZ
August 14, 2008 7:36 PM ET | Delete
Lots of IF's. I'm not writing them off, but it would take career seasons by more than just a few players. I doubt Mccabe brings much of a return. If I was a Leafs fan I would not hold out playoff hopes and instead hope the young guys get to learn. You have a few good young players who can be good ones in time.
August 18, 2008 9:10 PM ET | Delete
I know my opinion will likely be viewed as a hater because im a Flyers fan, but i am an objective kinda guy, and in all honesty man, I think you guys are in for a long year. Just my opinion but if I were a Leafs fan, although it sucks seeing your team lose, i'd rather they finish dead last and get Tavares than sneak into the playoffs as the 8 seed and get bounced. At least with Tavares and Schenn you got two really great building blocks for the future. I'd let Sundin and his drama walk.
August 19, 2008 5:33 PM ET | Delete
I don't wanna see them sneak into the playoffs either. But finishing last place is not even close to a guarantee that you'll win the lottery. So its risky to play for last and fail to even get the best pick
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