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The Minnesota Wild, well they've got depth but one thing that's going through my head is "do we have enough to repeat as division champs?" I mean the Wild didn't change anything to make this team better or worse but some of their division foes have and that's what might hurt us. So do we have a chance? Definitely. Are we going to win the Cup with the forwards we currently have? No. So we need to figure out what exactly we want here.

We keep our roster and put up a figt for that NW Div. title. I mean it's still an accomplishment! But then we're also saying that we don't care if we're major contenders for that Staney Cup.

We get agressive and show everyone that we want Lord Stanley and bad! With trading chips like Gaborik this definitely could be possible but it could come back and bite us in the hind parts in the coming years with the cap.

Now I'll show you what I think of all three forward positions and where I think we need to improve!

I feel that this is a strong position for us. We've got a nice set of guys here who can produce. I mean with Boogaard, Brunette, Pouliot & Veilleux we've got the perfect set. Like we have the perfect amount of speed, youth, speed and toughness that could make other teams hide behind their seats!

Depth Chart

1. Brunette
2. Veilleux
3. Boogaard
4. Pouliot


Here is probably where we could do a little bit of improving. I mean, Koivu can only do so much and after that you've mostly got the average small & speedy guys. So this is definitely a position where we focused on the young guys with only one guy over 25 yrs. So when we're looking for a place to improve, this is where we should start but we can still live with what we've got here. (Yelle would definitely help here!)

Depth Chart

1. Koivu
2. Belanger
3. Sheppard
4. Locke

This is where we don't need improving! With great players (Gaborik, Bouchard, etc.) outlining this position, we are set for a long time and that's a very good thing. Like with 8 centers on the Wild we have tons & more! This also gives Mr. Lemaire some line juggling options if one center isn't doing too well! So what do I think of this position? It's fantastico! (fantastic in Portugese!) So yeah, this is one position that won't need improving for quite a while with all the depth we've got!

Depth Chart

1. Gaborik
2. Bouchard
3. Miettenen
4. Nolan

Official Line Predictions:

1. Brunette - Koivu - Gaborik
2. Veilleux - Belanger - Bouchard
3. Boogaard - Sheppard - Miettenen
4. Pouliot - Locke - Nolan
So yeah, I hope you liked my own version of the Wilds Forward Break - Down and I hope you come and see when I break - down the Wilds good ol' defense! (coming soon!)

See Ya Later
The Wix,
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September 3, 2008 2:28 PM ET | Delete
I highly doubt you'll see Belanger playing any higher than the third line. Risebrough has already said that Sheppard will be playing in Koivu's role last season (second line center) and to have Vellieux and Belanger on the same line as Bouchard would be a waste of Butch's talent. More than likely, I'd expect these lines:Brunette/Koivu/GaborikNolan/Sheppard/BouchardVelliuex/Belanger/MiettinenGillies/Pouliot/Boogaard/WellerIMO, the likelyhood that Locke makes the roster right out of camp is slim-to-none, especially with Clutterbuck (who has earned his shot) and Gillies (think James Sheppard, version 2008) waiting in the wings.
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