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The Crowded Locker Room

Posted December 3, 2007
An NHL team is allowed to field a team of 23. That's 12 forwards dressed, 6 defensemen and 2 goaltenders. Currently, the Minnesota Wild has a team of, seemingly, 18,000! Ok...Ok...Maybe a little less than that. As of the Vancouver game, however, they have a team of more than 23. Here is a list, included with what their contract is looking like: [b][u]Forwards (15):[/u][/b] Marian Gaborik... Read More »
Brent Burns ([b]B[/b]) - Burns has had streaks of brilliance this season punctuated by streaks of inconsistency. He remains the Wild's D-man of the future; however he has struggled at times this season without Carney to guide him throughout the game. That being said, however, he is the Wild's most productive defenseman so far this season, as well as one of the top defensive goal scorers in the l... Read More »

Wild Quarter Grades Pt. 1 (Forwards)

Posted November 26, 2007
Marian Gaborik ([b]B+[/b]) - I'm giving Gaborik a B+ and honestly, if he's played every game up to this point, he gets an A+. He seems as if he's finally figured out what it takes to be a top tier forward in this league, and he's having a tremendous season so far. He's had multi-point games in 3 of his last 4 and he's beginning to buy into playing on both sides of the puck (beginning...let's not... Read More »

And So It Begins...

Posted October 1, 2007
The season is upon us! From the looks of things, it's going to be one helluva season. At this point, all of the speculation, all of the predictions, everything that has been talked about means absolutely nothing. The Ducks and Kings have kicked the season off in London and, despite all of the scheduling problems that it caused, it was extremely successful. The fans really embraced the games... Read More »

5 "Wild" Predictions

Posted September 28, 2007
As the pre-season winds down, here are some things to look out for regarding the Minnesota Wild. 1) Benoit Pouliot centers Gaborik and Demitra. After the last two games, the job could be his to lose. Pouliot will definitely get more chances to impress the coaching staff, but he may have found his niche on the team, and it could be between two of the more talented players in the league, in Dem... Read More »