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Canucks: After Week One

Posted 5:53 PM ET | Comments 4
Trends after the Canucks first 3 games:


-The top line is working. Not only have all 3 put up points, but Bernier is a plus 3 with a spirited fight. Sedins: both have 5 points are are plus 4.

-The 2nd line is not. A collective minus 7 with 2 points. Raymond has missed the net 6 times. I predict that it'll eventually break out; they've piled up 16 shots.

-Burrows is worth his weight in gold. 9 shots, 4 takeaways and 3 points.

-The 4th line got waaaaaaay better. Rypien has 2 goals, a short handed marker and a great fight.


-Edler, Ohlund and Mitchell have been doing well. All have positive ratings even with the drubbing they got on Monday. O'Brien has been invisible but has 4 take aways.

-Salo needs to pick it up; he leads the team with giveaway's and his blistering slapshot has missed the net 5 times. Bieksa has to stay healthy this season.


-Great grit. Outstanding scraps from Mitchell and Rypien.

-Ohlund is one of the hardest guys on the team. Not only did he break a guys leg last year but leads the team in hits (10) and blocked shots (9).

-Johnson was a great 4th line pickup by Gillis. Leads all forwards in the NHL with 8 blocked shots.

-Henrik Sedin has greatly improved his face-off game.


-Has been well below par. Luongo was not very hot in his last 2 games which is a positive if you think about it. The offense saved him against the flames for the second game. They hung him out to dry against the Caps. Sanford played well in his relief capacity.


-A much different Canucks team. The Canucks clawed their way back against Calgary, something we had not seen most of last year. The offense has been diverse and good. Yes, yes they got destroyed against the Caps constant offensive onslaught. The Canucks are not very good at adapting to different strategies and will have to learn that skill if they want a shot at the cup. But overall, a good display of talent on the offensive end. Reasonable defense. And goaltending that has no where to go but up.
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October 14, 2008 6:47 PM ET | Delete
Ohlund broke a bone in Koivu's leg by swinging his stick at him -- hardly a good endorsement of his play. I'm not so sure Raymond will be a player and Pyatt is close to playing himself off the team.
October 14, 2008 7:31 PM ET | Delete
Ohlund swung a stick at a guy who elbowed him in the face as I recall. In any case, this was not an endorsement of the violence but simply pointing out that he's probably the toughest cookie on the team.
October 14, 2008 10:15 PM ET | Delete
It's just that swinging a stick does not make one tough. Ohlund is tough in many other ways...but not that one.
October 15, 2008 4:23 AM ET | Delete
Yeah your just going to start a flame-fest with Minny fans with comments like that.I understand why Ohlund did what he did, but it was still wrong. I just hope it doesn't affect Koivu's career because he is one hell of a player.
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