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In early December, waffles were thrown after a Leaf game. Since then, waffles have become a bit of a statement in the Maple Leafs community. The media has called it “The Year of the Waffle” and “Waffle-Gate”, and at a mid-December meeting between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Atlanta Thrashers, one fan in particular felt the need to express his disapproval of the on-ice product. That man is Joe Robb.

Robb, a 31 year old Leafs fan whose favorite player of all time was Doug Gilmour, was ejected from the game after throwing waffles on the ice in a 6-3 loss to the Atlanta Thrashers. His comments about Leafs TV sum up his frustrations with his favorite team. “[Leafs TV] will be canceled soon. I think it’s a slap in the face to charge fans money to watch a few games on Leafs TV for a losing product.”

Robb felt that his actions were simply to motivate the team to be more successful, and that the attention the Leafs receive from a mega-fan base is almost embarrassing. Quite simply, he feels the team’s play compared to its dedicated following does not even out in the end.

“I did not do this to start anything, I just want people to stop making excuses for this team,” said Robb. “They need to do something about the product. We all talk about it all the time, but no one does anything about it. Cheering on the Leafs is like a joke now. Every time they have one decent game it’s like 'oh, okay, now I have to cheer for them.' At the end of the day, if I can contribute to something that’s going to help them be a better team, that’s what I’m going for.”

Micheal Aldred came into contact with Joe Robb through a facebook page created by TheCheckingLine.com called “Leafs Waffle Guy”. There, Robb and Leafs fans alike discuss the Leafs current play and how waffles directly relate to the Toronto-based NHL team. During an interview, Robb shared his experience with Aldred.

Go to www.thecheckingline.com for the interview!
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