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The Philadelphia Flyers have hit a new high when they showed the new 3rd jerseys at their annual "Meet and Greet" with the fans yesterday. If you go on to the Flyers main website, which is www.philadelphiaflyers.com, the first news story shows pictures and video of the new Flyers jersey.

Personally I was not expecting this good of a design or color scheme. The color is the perfect shade of bright orange that the Flyers of old used to wear, contrary to the leaked images that were floating around the internet showing more of a brownish-orange, horrendous looking color. When I first saw the pictures of the players wearing it, I thought they looked fantastic and i could see myself buying one.

Then I looked at the back of the jerseys which I honestly wish looked better. The pictures taken of the jerseys previous to the ones that were taken last night showed that the Flyers are going to use a white nameplate with black letter on the back which I, personally, do not find too attractive.

I was watching a few videos of the Flyers of old (ie. the Bobby Clarke's, Moose Dupont's, JJ's) and noticed that none of them had a nameplate at all, and if there was one, it was the same color as the jersey. The Flyers of the 60's and 70's did not even have names on the back, but just numbers. Having seen them so much, I grew to love them.

But seeing the backs of the news ones, I'm starting to think that the Flyers did not put enough thought into their decision. If they wanted the jerseys to resemble those of yesteryear, They should have kept the nameplate the same color as that of the new jerseys or completely omitted the names completely to go even more retro.

Having said this, this jersey appeals to the eye and the Flyers finally have a jersey that is orange in color. We have waited too long for them to make up their minds whether or not to have a orange jersey, but it is finally here, and I will most likely be one of the first people to buy one.
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I like the new jerseys, the name plate is one of my favorite things. They couldn't go back to the exact jerseys of yester year. They needed to be a new jersey with a old school feel. Nice blog though. -SZ
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