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For being Stee's alternate personality or being associated with M. Night Shyamalan? • Canada • 38 Years Old • Male

Kudos to the Killer.

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It was 1998. I was only 21 and had pulled myself out of a rut and had gotten my life back on track. New place, kissed ass for my old job back, I thought I'd re-invent myself. New wardrobe, new hangouts, new haircut. Well, I just happened to get that haircut at Shoppers World in Brampton. At this time it was a sombré place in Leafland, but, thanks to the p.a. my mood had just perked up. An impromptu appearance of #93 was arbitrarily announced over by the Bay. Well, I'm wearing my old roomates's Metallica shirt (which I don't even like) but yet I b.s. him anyway. Doug starts reminiscing about the saurés he had with Hetfield backstage as a Devil. Feeling comfortable at the time, I threw it in... I gave him a subtle elbow and grinningly asked when he's coming back to the Leafs, and quote, unquote, he said "Steve, until those a$$holes figure out my contract, well, ya' just never know"
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I never knew you had blogging in you STEVE....it's no E-rant ; ) but kudos to you just the same.
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Thanks TERRY
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