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For being Stee's alternate personality or being associated with M. Night Shyamalan? • Canada • 38 Years Old • Male
I know, I know... He's suckling a cool mil' of our hit for an eon, but nobody wanted to go down that road except the senile Cliff. Sure Darcy is on his downside but that could be a silver lining. He'd love to return to this spotlight where we would welcome him back with open arms, thus signing for peanuts. Another mil' plus what he's owed ain't bad compared to what Wallin, Primeau, et al, provide. A little fire under the arse, some spark, and some nostalgia could be what this team needs. Like I said, asinine, but would you do it if you were in the GM chair? Mr. Castor will be of UFA status come season's end and we could all envision him dwindle in some pathetic hockey market so what better way to rejuvinate the guy who outnumbers his wine collection to his wife's by a billion to one? That being said, two different cheques from the same team pales in comparison to all the other asinine moves we made in the past, no?
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