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Oilers Potpourri

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Hey all, I am back with another blog. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to follow me on Twitter @NewfieMikey

This blog is going to talk about some of the rumours that have been surrounding the Oilers, the Draft and some other things Oilers related.

First let's hit some of the rumours, I'll start with the Oilers dealing for Cal Clutterbuck. This is the rumour I liked the most out of them all concerning the Oilers. He is exactly the type player Edmonton should have on their 3rd line, he likes to hit, has grit and some skills. The apparant asking price from Minnesota is Tyler Pitlick and a 2nd round pick which I have no issues at all giving the Wild. If this is a legit deal, MacT should be all over it but I feel the hold up may be related to the Braydon Coburn rumour.

Now on to the Braydon Coburn deal, this one has been all over the Twitter Universe today but nobody seems to know what the actual asking price is, I've heard a few different versions but the deal I would be ok with is Paajarvi + two second rounders although I would rather keep one of the second rounders for the Clutterbuck deal and replace it with a decent prospect of relative equal value such as Rajala, Gernat or Fedun.

As for Cory Schneider, I have absolutely no interest in aquiring him. His asking price would be too high and I still think Dubey is a good goalie. He would be much better too with a solid D in front of him. He had a great season for the Oilers this year even though he was peppered with shots almost every night. I still have faith that he will be our legit #1 goalie.

I also have no interest in aquiring Kris Letang, he is a great D man but he isn't what I believe the Oilers need right now. I think we should be in the market for more of a shutdown D man that is physical and cheaper to get. Let Schultz continue to gain experience and we should have our #1 Offensive D man soon enough.

Speaking of Justin Schultz, the kid made the NHL's All Rookie Team this year. He is becoming a fantastic D man and will continue to get better. I know a lot of people talk about how he trailed off close to the end of the year but that was expected by everyone. He wasn't used to playing so many games since coming off a shorter college season. He will be much more ready next season and I wouldn't be surprised to see Schultz get invited to the Olympics training camp and possibly crack the line up. Yakupov got snubbed from the All Rookie team though which I think is ridiculous. He is full of intensity, skill and drive. He is gonna be a 40 goal guy in the NHL, that I have no doubt of. The NHL should be ashamed, the rookie points leader has made the All Star team every year since 1982 but not this year. Once again showing that the NHL awards have become a complete joke.

A Gagner deal is still in the works, Jeff Jackson (Gagner's agent) met with MacT on Friday to discuss an extension, it is rumoured to be 3-5 years in length but it's believed Sam is looking for a NTC which has stalled negotiations. I look at it this way, if Gags takes a discount to play specifically in Edmonton, give him a modified NTC. If he wants fair market value, he's doesn't get one. Honestly, why would he get one if Hall and Ebs didn't?

Now onto goalies...Backup goalies though. I think MacT should be trying to land either Khudobin from Boston or Ray Emery to backup Dubey and to fight for the #1 spot if Dubey falters. I won't go into too much detail on this because I'm not sure what kind of money these guys are looking for or if it would be feasible for Edmonton.

As for possible UFA targets this season, I think Ryane Clowe would be a decent addition. Especially if Cal Clutterbuck becomes an Oiler. That would be a tough 3rd line to play against. I'm not sure what kind of money Clowe would want and I hear he wants to stay in New York so it probably won't happen but I hope MacT at least "kicks the tires". Plus he's a fellow Newfie so I am a little biased. Nathan Horton is another possibility but I feel he will sign elsewhere, somewhere with an immediate chance to win a cup, Chicago would be funny. He is apparantly asking for 6yr/36m or so, which is steep for someone with his injury history so I think it's best the Oilers pass on him.

Finally now onto the Draft tomorrow, there are a few possibilities for the Oilers. If Monahan is gone at 7th, I believe Nichushkin is the Oilers guy. Scouts are reporting him NHL ready and could easily be the top 6 power forward for the 2nd line LW spot we've been looking for. Although there is one other option I'd like to talk about as well. Carolina is shopping their 5th overall pick and I know they are looking for D men so my offer to them would be the Oilers 7th overall plus a prospect D like Fedun, Gernat or Musil for their 5th overall. This way they still get to select Nurse or Ristolainen at 7th plus another D that's further along their developement stage. Hell we'll throw in a prospect like Arcobello or Rajala too if needed or some future draft picks. Win win for Carolina. Jumping to 5th would allow us to swipe Monahan right out from under Calgary's nose too which would be a bonus on multiple levels.

That's it for now and I really hoped you enjoyed this blog, the final thing I will say is that I think everyone should bring plastic machetes to the Oilers home opener, add in hockey masks and it becomes even funnier. Cheers and I hope you all have a great night...Bring on the Draft!
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not too shabby.
June 30, 2013 11:41 PM ET | Delete
mact did crap at draft. how can they not improve the team. bruatl
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