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Hey all, I know it's been awhile since I last blogged here but I wanted to talk about some of the rumours linking the Oilers to trading for the 1st overall. A US newspaper posted comments about Edmonton and Florida either swapping picks or the Oilers downright trading for the 1st overall and keeping the 3rd as well. This has really brought out the armchair gms throwing their trades into the mix and possibly the worst I've seen so far is from former blogger here Cloutier. He suggested Yakupov and Nurse for the 1st overall! This is a terrible idea for the Oilers, I am open to moving Yakupov in a combo for that pick but Nurse isn't the + that should go the other way, that's just ridiculous! Top drafted Dmen seem to be a gamble at best and although I believe Ekblad will be a good player, I also think Nurse will pan out as well. So to trade a 1st overall pick and a 9th overall pick for a 1st overall pick is just plain dumb. I realize Yaks value has dropped due to last season but this kid is far from being a bust and will probably still become a 30-40 goal guy. I have seen another rumour that suggested Marincin + 3rd overall for the 1st, this to me makes more sense. It's not a huge overpayment but is worthwhile for Florida to consider. Teams won't be sending ridiculous overpayment offers to Florida for it. All 29 other teams would like to add Ekblad to the prospect pool but it'll be just like every other year at the draft, teams may move around a bit but farms won't be sold for a possible star. Ekblad isn't McDavid and there really isn't much difference in the value of the top 3 prospects, it's really more of what a team needs. Bennett, Reinhart and Ekblad share the same potential. That said, I would love for the Oilers to try and grab the 1st and keep the 3rd but to sell the farm doing so would be stupid for a player that has never seen a pro game. I would like to maybe send an offer of Yakupov, Petry (Florida said they'd rather have a now Dman), and next years 1st rounder. Hell maybe even Yaks, Klefbom and a 2nd in next years draft. If Florida wants the moon, they can keep it and the Oilers will be happy picking a 2nd line centre to play the next 10-15 years in Edmonton. I hope you at least enjoyed this blog a little and feel free to follow me on Twitter @NewfieMikey Cheers
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Oiler fans need to be thinking of ways to get more veterans, not draft picks. Your mentality has to change. Trade your own 1st rounder for experienced help not more youth.
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Ekblad is an 18 year old version of Weber. I dont think that a flop first overall pick (Yak), a flop D-prospect (Klefbom) and a 2nd round pick will get you even close.
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LOL @ thirstyfin.
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thirstyfin----your post is just so bad for so many reasons
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