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"A Hockeytown Perspective"
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Well, I certainly picked the wrong time to get mad at the Red Wings and turn the TV off in utter frustration. The Wings looked real sharp for the first 6-7 minutes, especially the Young Guns, in Helm, Abdelkader, and Miller. I've especially liked Miller's play of late. he's really battling hard to try earn that permanent spot and get out of that dreaded game-by-game rotation.

...And then Pittsburgh scored...and scored again.... And something happened to the Detroit Red Wings. They lost the hustle, they lost their drive....and Pittsburgh score again....and Pittsburgh scored agian...and then I turned the TV off.

I couldn't nail down any one person who had a rough game..it looked like all of them lost their confidence. Now the real question I have is, "What did Mike Babcock say during the second intermission?" Did he threaten to fine the players? Another gruelling punishing practice at 4 am the next morning? Did he threaten to kill a kitten? Whatever it is, it worked. The Wings came back with 3 goals in the third, including a beaut by Mike Modano, battling back for a precious point that seemed like a dream not 20 minutes prior.

For the record, I really like the play of Mike Modano. It seems he's still battling for the loose pucks, making great pases, and generally "showing up" each and every night. He's managed to make the score sheet several times after returning from his wrist surgery, but it's great to see him get a goal.

Overall, however, this is not Playoff caliber hockey, moreover, it's not Red Wings-caliber hockey. We've seen this before in the beginning of the season, when the Wings would be down after two, and then make a miraculous comeback. It's always been said that the Wings look to their veteran statesmen, such as Lidstrom, Rafalski, anbd Modano for inspiration and poise when the going gets rough. These days, I think they need to look in the other direction...at Helm, Miller, and Abdelkader, for examples of all-out grit on every shift.
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