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"A Hockeytown Perspective"
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The Red Wings seem to be just the nicest team in the NHL these days. In two straight games, they’ve to put their own aspirations in the drawer. They stepped aside and allowed Washington to be the lone undefeated team. Last night they also decided that enough is enough, and Columbus should have a victory too. Remember your dinner table manners and that nobody can have seconds unless everybody has had some.

Of course I don’t mean to knock on the Wings like that, but it just looks that way given how they played last night against the Jackets. They were outshot, out-hustled, out-hit, and generally outplayed by the home team. I know Columbus fans will probably point to the return of James Wisniewski, and I will grant that to some extent, but it wasn’t all there. They didn’t play against the same team they played last Friday for sure.

High marks really go to the penalty killing units, keeping the Jackets to 1 for 7 that night. And for the most part, they managed to keep the Jackets from creating any sustained pressure with the man-advantage. The flip-side to that is, of course, why they had to kill 7 penalties in the first place. It’s pretty tough to gain traction in the offensive zone when you’re constantly getting dinged for holding, tripping, or hooking.

For his part, Ty Conklin didn’t do “as bad” as he did in Washington. So, despite the loss to the League’s last place team, it can be seen as a bit of improvement for him. The rest of his team hung him out to dry, so you can’t blame him completely.

It may be a little premature, but maybe this calls for one of Mike Babcock’s famous exhausting skating sessions. He did this a couple times last year where the next day’s practice was constant, never-ending skating. It’s hard on the players, but it works. They’ll need it when the Sharks come to town on Friday.

On another note…is it just me or are their some serious extremes going on the league right now. Again, it’s way early in the season but it’s just a little bit extraordinary that some interesting streaks are going…

• (Before Saturday) the Red Wings got off to the best start in 40 years.
• Washington is undefeated after 7 games, their best in franchise history
• Montreal is off to the worst start since the 1940’s
• Columbus is off to the worst start in franchise history
• Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick is currently in the midst of a three-game shutout streak, the best in franchise history

Just sayin’…..
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October 26, 2011 3:57 PM ET | Delete
Nice blog, Electric. I think the Wings ran into a perfect storm in Columbus. A lot of energy with Wisniewski in the lineup; Columbus got some calls and bounces. I didn't see the game but it sounds like the Wings were a little sloppy in their end and I predicted earlier this year that would happen (after seeing them some in the preseason). Lots of new faces and guys like White and maybe Ericsson being asked to maybe play over their heads. We'll see. Water always finds its level.
October 27, 2011 8:13 AM ET | Delete
Thanks John. I always liked the prospect of Ian White and his ability to fill Rafalski's spot better than most. He's settling in and should prove quite capable to man the point with Lidstrom. You're right, the planets were aligned in Columbus' favor that night. Steve Mason was particularly good at controlling his rebounds, denying the second chances, which didn't help the Wings any. The biggest problem of the night, though, were the penalties.
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