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The Brady Bunch

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How it must feel to be a father of an NHL player. I have two kids in my life and I could not imagine how proud one could feel to see them play in the NHL. Off-course all children’s parents will love there children no matter what they end up doing, that being said if I ever have the privilege of seeing a member of my family play this great game at the highest level I would be Greatly blessed.

Brady Murray was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings in the Fifth Round,152nd overall. At the time he was drafted the general opinion among people was he was drafted as a favor to his dad, long time coach Andy Murray. So when I attended the opening of training camp I assumed he would be among the first cuts going back to the Manchester Monarchs.

Then the first cuts came, guess what this little guy had more heart than anyone outside of the locker room gave him credit for. In the practices I attended he won every loose puck. Challenge bigger players and made smart plays all over the ice. In preseason he was out best penalty killer, he kept improving everyday.

On October 4, 2007 the Kings named the 2007-2008 final roster, Brady Murray made the cut. He is an official member of the Los Angeles Kings. He beat all odds and did this in the face of people saying that the only reason he was even drafted was his Father is a top coach in the National Hockey League. So I tip my hat to a young player that I can’t help but to pull for.

When Brady Murray Plays his first shift on Saturday it will have to feel a little awkward. He will be playing against the St.louis Blues the team that calls his father coach. How will it be for Andy Murray? If you are coaching against your son and he scores can you really be mad?

One of the greatest parts of sport are the little sup plots that each game can hold. In the Kings Home opener this is the story that steals the show. If the Kings Win and Brady has a solid performance, Andy Murray will probably have no choice but to sit back and smile.

Give them hell kid

Aaron Green (Greenie)
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