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The Brady Bunch

Posted October 5, 2007
How it must feel to be a father of an NHL player. I have two kids in my life and I could not imagine how proud one could feel to see them play in the NHL. Off-course all children’s parents will love there children no matter what they end up doing, that being said if I ever have the privilege of seeing a member of my family play this great game at the highest level I would be Greatly blessed.... Read More »
Montreal 1993 game 2. Marty Mcsorley gets called for and illegal stick..........Result The hockey nation of Canada gets the cup for the last time in the century. Aniehim 2007 Danny Heatley, Jason Spezza, and daniel alfreedson.......... A once Unstopable force Turns into the highest paid turn over machine in the NHL. Result...........well probably a Stanley cup. So I sit here asking m... Read More »