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Turning Point?

Posted 11:48 PM ET | Comments 4
Ok, this is my first post in a very VERY long time, so let me shake off some rust.

The Winter Classic aside, this last game against the Senators has been the first time I've liked what I've seen on the ice in a long time. Yes, the Sabres did lose when they had many chances to take this game and Vanek and Pominville are still struggling to finish easy chances. But Pommer did get the primary assist on the goal by Macarthur and Vanek eventually did score in the shootout with a lot of pressure on him. But on top of that shootout goal, Vanek put himself in good positions to score throughout the game. He is too talented to keep struggling, his finish will come in time. Keep in mind this is still only his third year in the league.

The Sabres were without their two top centers in Roy and Connolly, a major talent in Afinogenov, Miller had the night off, and Spacek was out for more than 25 minutes (the third period then OT). So congratulations to the Senators for winning a game they should have, but KUDOS to the Sabres for coming back from a two goal deficit and taking the Sens into extra rounds in the shootout. And besides Alfie's short handed goal, the big three were pretty silent. When was the last time Heatly didn't score against the Sabres?

I don't know how any Sabres fans can feel bad about the team after this game. And watch out New Jersey, Roy and Connolly could be back and this team is close to an explosion. Saturday night is going to be a great game.

Plus, how about Gaustad going at it with Neil. To be honest i was surprised because Neil likes to fight players who aren't relly know for fighting, and it showed. Neil got his in early, but Gaustad came back late.
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January 11, 2008 11:20 AM ET | Delete
I agree Saturday will be a good game, I'm trying to get some decent tickets. And I hear ya about Neil, as much as I hate the guy, he always seems to win his fights with any Sabre, so I was glad to see at least one good uppercut by the Goose. I'm waiting for the day when a Sabre just pounds the *
January 11, 2008 12:56 PM ET | Delete
I liked the scrap neil had with Gaustad, but i would Disagree that he fights non-fighters, he certainly doesnt drop them like he used to, but he still isnt afraid to go against anyone else, he dropped them with Braeshar last week...even though I dont think Braeshar is the threat he used to be( I dont care what anyone says, he wussed out of fighting McGratton that game) he is still way bigger than Neil and a srapper..anyways other than that I would completely agree with what you wrote, I said the same thing regarding this game, the sens SHOULD have won this game by a far larger margin! good on Buffalo for playing how they did..
January 11, 2008 7:07 PM ET | Delete
It was a great game for Buffalo, and to hear negative comments from Sabre fans today was a disappointment. Going into the game it wouldn't have been surprising to see Ottawa rolling us by four or five. To hang in there and grind out the point was a nice reward for the effort the team put in. I think it will be a turning point.
January 11, 2008 8:59 PM ET | Delete
I agree it is a turning point. I really think they will win against NJ, and Vanek may start coming out of his slump.
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