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Sens 09 Edition..

Posted October 14, 2008
Hello All, I haven't written a new blog in god knows how long, I would bet it was sometime before the playoffs last year when I went into a deep depression over the Sens second half collapse and sweep at at the hands of the Pens, BUT as always I came out of it and am back to continue putting my thoughts about our Sens down on this blog and I feel especially now we should be putting our blogs in... Read More »

Sens and Sharks..I smell a WIN

Posted March 5, 2008
Big game tonight for the Sens against the Sharks, I didn't write anything following the game on Monday against Anaheim, because it frankly would have been a complete waste of time to write several paragraphs about the god awful officiating which led to the Ref's essentially handing the game to the Ducks. There were some positives to that game though, I thought Gerber played an incredible game and... Read More »
Well Ottawa pulled one out last night against a depleted Pittsburg team, and ya know what? it wasnt the prettiest of wins, but ill take it right now! You can immediately see the impact of having Murray back behind the bench as the Sens have a new fire and passion in there game which had been sorely missing, the players finally seem to know there assignments and are out there hitting everything tha... Read More »

What Happened to the Sens?????

Posted February 26, 2008
Well, I haven't written anything in quite sometime, as I have frankly been frustrated to the point where I felt like if I actually put anything down it would just be a lengthy expletive laced tirade about what is annoying me about the team. Well I have decided enough is enough and I finally have to ask the question....what happened to the Senators??? How could the team that made it to the Stanley... Read More »

This and That About the Sens...

Posted February 8, 2008
I haven't written anything over the past week or so, because in all honesty I didn't have much to say about the state of the Sens, they have been all that good as of late, and I really didn't feel like getting into the same old issues about the team. But over the past week a couple of encouraging things have happened. 1) They lost against Montreal, now this alone wasn't overly encouraging, bu... Read More »


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