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The flyers currently sit fourth in the Eastern Confrence. After an off season full of changes which resulted in two of their top players exit the organization that called them corner stones of the franchise. The changes made were to establish a position in which the flyers have struggled since Ron Hextall. The panic of the flyers front office to finally get a legitimate number one goalie after being knocked out of the playoffs by the Boston Bruins.

So who did we get? Ilya Bryzgalov. A goalie who in my opinion made Pheonix a playoff team for the past couple seasons. Now when the flyers acquired Bryzgalov it was exciting for a flyer fan who has seen three stints of Brian Boucher. So the excitement of having a goalie that could do what Bryzgalov did for a team like Pheonix just imagine what he will be able to do with the team like the flyers have in front of him? The answer, besides be good with the media not to much.

This season has been terrible for Bryzgalov. He has some of the worst numbers for goalies in the entire league. Can you imagine how many games he would have lost if the flyers had not been one of the highest scoring teams in the NHL. 9 years and 51 million dollars should buy me a goalie with a goals against average lower than three. So when he makes stupid comments about not starting the winter classic, joking or not he should be on the bench drinking his tea. "BOB" has played better than Bryzgalov. "BOB" has given the team a chance to win every night. Has stole games which is something in my opinion Bryzgalov had yet to do.

If the flyers are gonna push in the playoffs they are gonna need far better play for what they and all flyer fans was the answer. Goaltending.
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