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It's that time of year once again. As each day passes we get closer to the NHL trade deadline. This is where the majority of teams make some of the worse trades in a hope to hoist the cup. The team selling most often does much better this time of year because they stock pile prospects and or picks for the future. An example of this would be the Flyers acquiring Braydon Coburn for Alexei Zhitnik. So what do I think the Flyers should do? Well lets see.

First I think the Flyers need to evaluate their injuries closer to the deadline. With the exception of Pronger who I would be shocked to see back in orange and black this season. So we know that he is done. To replace a Chris Pronger is going to be costly, too costly. We all know what it will cost to bring in a player such as Shea Weber. Believe me I would love to see Weber in a Flyers uniform they can't afford to lose the prospects and or picks it would take. The other factor is the Flyers cannot afford to resign him if he did decide to resign. So what in my opinion should they Flyers do? Acquire a solid 4,5, or 6 defenceman. This will be much less costly and give them a better option than Lilja, Gustafsson, Marshall or Walker.

Injuries up front at this moment include JVR, Briere, Jagr and Rinaldo. Two of these players are a little more serious. Jagr and Rinaldo I expect to be back in the lineup after the all-star break whereas JVR and Briere are unknown with concussions. I feel the Flyers should take a a wait and see approach on this matter and see what is available at the trade deadline if for instance that JVR and or Briere are out long term. In that case if they can add scoring help or a defensive face-off specialist at the deadline then that's what I would do. This all would still come down to what the cost of doing so would be. The Flyers do not have the depth in prospects or picks to sacrifice the future for the now. They have to continue to develop good young players in order to compensate for the cap.

I hope you enjoyed. Go Flyers.
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