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The McCarty Factor

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Though I didn't watch the last game of the season against the Avalanche, I noticed that McCarty was in the line-up. Ever since this guy's been injured, most Flames fans have been glad that he's stayed out of the line-up for as long as he has. Perhaps for the regular season, I felt this way as well, but come playoff time, this guy could be the difference maker that no one cared to pay attention to. For that reason, I would love to see him dress for the Flames in the playoffs. Sure, he may be slower now and compared to the other players on our team similar to him, older and perhaps less of a scoring threat. However, what he brings could not only offset, but become greater than his liabilities. For one, this man knows how to win. He had done so while with the Red Wings. Another, his experience and grittiness is exactly what is needed in the playoffs (ala Yelle, but that's another blog for another day). Who knows, he might turn out to be the Shean Donovan for the Flames this year. All I know is, perhaps his time is up and the "new NHL" is too fast for him, but I think he could make an impact in the line-up. So I say play him, and let his play decide whether or not he deserves to be in the line-up.
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