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FusionX writes...

The McCarty Factor

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
Though I didn't watch the last game of the season against the Avalanche, I noticed that McCarty was in the line-up. Ever since this guy's been injured, most Flames fans have been glad that he's stayed out of the line-up for as long as he has. Perhaps for the regular season, I felt this way as well, but come playoff time, this guy could be the difference maker that no one...
Number23 writes...

Five Burning Questions

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
With [b]Alexander Ovechkin[/b] soaking up the spotlight, and [b]NBC[/b] repeatedly opting out of showing [b]Penguin[/b] games to showcase other teams, how bad has [b]Sidney Crosby[/b]'s injury [i]really[/i] been for the [b]NHL[/b]? When are [b]Sabres[/b] fans more annoying, when the team is winning or when it's losing? What's harder to find: a fully occupied row of s...
WingsWiz711 writes...

McCarty OR Chelios?

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
[u][b]Who Do You Choose? McCarty Or Chelios?[/b][/u] The Detroit Red Wings have no cap space and with two big name guys still needing to be signed we may be seeing a few little moves by Detroit. The ings Chris Chelois 7 Darren McCarty are waiting for a home and unless we do something in the trade department, we're not going to have any room for them. So GM Ken Holland...


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