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Jiri Tlusty Late Bloomer?

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We certainly hope so.

Most have forgotten the leafs first round draft pick all the way back in 2006 Jiri Tlusty. He hasn't had an impact with the big club just yet. Luke Schenn, the leafs first rounder in 2008 made the team and at times was thier best d-man.

Tlusty however, has had an impressive season with the Marlies. Scoring an even point per game. Tlusty's break out year? I sure hope so cause i'm through waiting.

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August 5, 2009 12:04 PM ET | Delete
Tlutsy was rushed from the beginning like most Leafs prospects...he is only 20 years old...this is the normal curve for a rookie in the NHL. He'll play this year and do okay and gradually improve 4 years in a row until he levels off in 60 pts territory!
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