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Heatley failed to mention

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I just read Eklunds latest blog and Ek had something to say of Dan. It reads...

Heatley himself is actually in Toronto (hmmm) today to speak at a Canadian Hockey Summit at Toronto's Westin Harbour Castle Hotel put together by The One Goal Association. Heatley is not manning up and speaking of the last two months, but rather will speak on his experiences growing up and playing hockey in Canada and how you kids can turn shinny on the ponds in beautiful Alberta into an enormous lucrative contract with a no-trade clause...then demand a trade because you don't like your coach only to finally refuse to return to the ponds in beautiful Alberta that got you your start in youth hockey...yes, Dany Heatley, you stay classy.

After quietly chuckling to myself I remembered a book I read by Danny Heatley (or at least it said he was the author) that talked about him growing up and never bieng drafted to the WHL and being small and nobody believed in him, taking the NCAA route even though he was drafted high. However, he failed to mention his car accident which claimed the life of former teammate Dan Schnieder and he failed to mention his asking for a trade out of Atlanta and he failed to mention that he would later ask to be traded out of Ottawa and he failed to mention he wanted to be traded to a team in Cali so he could live the expensive hot weather California dream and last but not least Dany Heatley failed to mention his being to good for the place that brought him up.

Thanks Ek for bringing that to my attention

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