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Sens have scoring depth?

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Obviously the Spezza- heatley- Alfie trio has been amazing in the playoffs for the sens this season, and to blame one line for playoff failure seems a bit weak. This line has carried the sens throughout the playoffs, and it is up for the rest of the team to step it up. Comrie 2 goals. Schaefer 1 goal. Fisher 4 goals. Of the second line, fisher has been the bright spot, where comrie has had his moments (few they are) where as schaefer has not generated a whole lot leading to and including the playoffs. Some bright spots for the sens would have to be McAmmond with four goals and the offensive upside of Redden, 3 goals. The play of emery has been spectacular, and he is the reason the sens only lost both games by a goal. Now, not to criticize the sens in any manner, as they are down 2-0 with out seeing home ice, but do they maybe regret signing Gerber and trading Havlat. Surely he could be of use now, but since it is a salary cap NHL, they felt they would have too much tied down to 4 forwards. Well, only time will tell, but the Sens FORWARDS have to step it up. In the series so far, the 4th line seems to be the only one that can get anything generated on even strength. hopefully the sens can make it interesting and perhaps they will have what it take to get back into the series. If Ottawa is to win the series, Ray Emery should be the Conn Smythe as his play is going to be just as good as the previous games, and i cant see the top line being the difference in this series.

These two will most likely have the biggest hand in deciding who wins the cup this year.
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