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Edmonton's just one goal-n-ator short of the cup • 2013 Years Old • Male
So, I’m a born and raised Edmontonian that moved to Calgary 10 years ago to work in the oil patch. Living in the heart of the enemy‘s city hasn’t been easy, but for the most part the Oiler & Eskimo’s have done as well or better than their Red Rivals…. That is up until this year.

My defending grey cup champion Eskimos ended a consecutive playoff streak that spanned 34 years. This fact was sad on it’s own, but made even worse by the fact that I’m living in the city of Stamps fans and surrounded by a boat load of drunken Rider fans (are their any left in Saskatchewan?)

Well, at least I had the Oilers and their glorious run to the finals to help easy the pain. God knows that I’d heard about Calgary’s run to the Finals for 2 years previous to that. (If there was a down side to the lockout it, besides the lack of hockey, it was the fact that Flames fans got to gloat about being the 1st loser for an extra year.) The Flames had a cup run in 2004, the Oilers had their run in 2006. Trash talk was pretty much even. Well, until Feb 27th, 2007 when Kevin Lowe officially through in the towel and traded Ryan Smyth.

For a month and a half I have endured countless Edmonton jokes. Stuff like “I hear it’s pretty cold in Edmonton, -94 ha! ha! “ or the classic “I’ve heard Edmonton signed that Russian prospect they got for Smyth. What’s his name again? Tee-in-ov? Ha! Ha!” The abuse was pretty good, until Colorado started to make their push and Flames nation became pretty quite.

Well, my team may be relegated to the sidelines, but hopefully Thursday night, the godless Flames and their fans will be joining me. They may have earned a playoff and the right to play some extra games. Too bad no one told them because they've forgotten to show up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter, I can give it just as well as I can take it. I’m a poor loser, but I’m a worse winner. However, I’m running out of ammo to taunt my co-workers with. That’s where this blog comes in. To quote Dora the Explorer “I need your help!”

I’ve been dropping a joke or two a day on my co-workers and I’m running out.

Here’s a sampling of the cheese I’ve used so far.

Q- Why doesn’t Pamela Anderson support the flames?
A- Because with only 1 cups, the Flames can’t support her.

Q- What the best thing to come out of Calgary
A- QE2 North (it’s the highway for you not-Albertans)

Q- What to the Flames and the Titanic have in common?
A- They both look good until they hit the ice

Q-Why to all the trees in Edmonton lean south?
A- Because Calgary sucks.

So, anyone got anything else I can use? The more juvenile the better!

Oh, and if you have any good Canuck joe include them too.
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